Terms of Use

05.12.2017 - Article

Please take note of our terms of use:

Terms of use

1. Agreement / Provision of the website
By using the website, the user agrees to the following terms of use.
The provision of the website does not justify any future use. The publisher may, at its sole discretion, modify, edit, shorten, supplement and / or delete the contents of the website at any time without prior notice, or discontinue the operation of the website.
The use of the website is subject to German law.
2. Disclaimer
The use of the website is at your own risk. The publisher assumes no liability for damage in connection with the access to and / or use of this website. Excluded are damages caused by intent or gross negligence of the publisher.
3. Copyright
The contents of this website, in particular texts, images and all multimedia elements and content are protected by copyright. All rights to the content are reserved.
4. Review of website content
a) Own content
All content available on the website has been carefully checked. Nevertheless, the occurrence of errors can not be completely ruled out. A guarantee for completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the content can not be accepted. Any legal information, recommendations and information are not binding; Legal advice does not take place. Insofar as the content posted on these pages contains legal provisions, official information, recommendations or information, they are provided to the best of our knowledge and with the greatest possible care. In case of discrepancies, however, only the current official version, as published in the designated publication organ, applies.
b) Content of other providers
The links to content of providers outside the area of ​​responsibility of the publisher were created to the best of our knowledge and with the greatest possible care. At the time of the establishment of the links, no illegal content was identifiable. The publisher does not endorse the linked content of other providers and does not claim this content for themselves. He assumes no responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the linked content and has no influence on the current and future design of the linked content. For unlawful, incorrect or incomplete content, the provider of the linked content alone is liable. The above also applies to third-party content that is technically integrated into the website and identified as such.
c) Error messages
If the contents of the website or links to content from other providers give cause for complaint, the internet editorial team asks for notice. Please inform us as well, if own contents are not written correctly, up-to-date, completely or comprehensibly. Please use our contact form.
5. Privacy
The issuer takes the collection, processing and use of personal data exclusively in accordance with the privacy policy.

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