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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the very high demand the consulate apologizes for not being able to offer more appointments for student visa applications for the winter semester 2022/23 as we are fully booked out.

Important information

To visit Germany for study / research purposes and / or language courses Nigerian citizen need a visa. To choose the right visa category you need to read the following information carefully.

To apply for a long term visa (longer than 90 days)  for study / reasearch purposes and / or language courses you need to register for an appointment under the following link: Register here

Within 120 minutes you will receive a confirmation email with your reference number. In a second email approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to your appointment, you will receive the exact date of your appointment. In case you will not be able to follow the appointment you have to cancel the appointment with the link mentioned in the received email before you can register for a new appointment. 

All applicants who fulfill one of the following criteria can register with the “A - list”

  • holding a letter of admission for PHD studies or
  • holding a bachelor's degree with a grade of 1. Class  ONLY  issued AFTER January 1st, 2020 (for registrations until March 31st 2022 = issued AFTER January 1st 2019) and being accepted for a master's degree (also a DSH course-related admission to the master's program) or PhD study in Germany or
  • holding a scholarship financed from German public funds or European supported funds for a study or a PhD in Germany or
  • holding a signed “Aufnahmevereinbarung” / hosting agreement concerning your research fellowship with a university or research institute accepted by the “BAMF”

All other applicants need to register with the “B - list”.

Important! One of those criteria you need to proof at your appointment in the Consulate. If you have applied for a priority appointment on the A-list without being able to provide proof of any of these criterias, the application will be rejected immediately and without any further examination.

The Consulate General will only accept applications with fully funded blocked accounts OR original formal obligations OR a scholarship financed from German public funds or European supported funds. Important:


Please fill the following application form and declaration (both twice) for your visa interview and bring them with you.

You can fill in the application form online under the link to the new Videx - long-term stay: https://videx-national.diplo.de

Application form for long term visa

Declaration according to Section 54 Paragraph 2 Number 8

 Attention! Please make sure to provide us with correct and complete information regarding the appointment booking as well as the registration form. Even minor mistakes can result in a rejection or significant delays. 

Important! Please note that the German Embassy in Abuja only processes visa applications for Master and PhD students living in the jurisdiction of the Embassy. All visa applications from students going for Bachelor studies are handled at the Consulate General in Lagos.


The visa application fee is 75€ for adults and 30€ for minors and has to be paid in cash (only 500 Naira or 1000 naira bills allowed) when submitting the application. The exchange rate of the German Consulate for the day of application applies. Scholarship holders would be exempted from the fees.

Processing time

Processing time takes up to three months, might take longer in exceptional cases and always depends on the individual case.  Since the issuance of visa always has to be approved by the competent alien’s authority, the processing time not only depends on the Consulate General. Therefore, we recommend you not to book any flight tickets or enter into other commitments before the issuance of the visa. We hereby inform you that the Consulate General is not liable for any costs incurred in this regard.

We will contact you as soon as a decision regarding your application has been taken. Therefore, kindly ensure that you provide us with correct contact details. Please understand that enquiries regarding the processing status won’t be answered. Generally only enquiries from the applicant, his or her legal or authorized representative will be answered.

Important notice!

Proof of sufficient resources to cover the cost of living may be provided by a blocked account confirmation. You are free to use any provider of your choice. You can find all providers here: website of the foreign office

It is recommended to open up a blocked account as soon as you have the university admission letter. In case you opt for a blocked account with Deutsche Bank, during peak periods a period of up to eight weeks can be expected between the confirmation of signature and the final confirmation of Deutsche Bank.  The subsequent transaction might also need some processing time. In order to make sure you don’t miss the enrolment deadline and your visa application therefore gets rejected, it is recommended to open a blocked account as soon as possible.

German Embassy in Abuja: Appointments for the certification of a signature for the opening of a blocked account and the certification of copies for university applications can be booked online by following this link.

German Consulate General in Lagos: Appointments for the certification of a signature for the opening of a blocked account and the certification of copies for university applications can be booked online. Please click here to be forwarded to the appointment booking System.


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