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07.02.2018 - Article

Upon hearing that I would be posted to his home country, a Nigerian friend told me: “If you can figure out Nigeria completely in the next 3 years, you are a genius”.

That won’t happen, I’m afraid, since Nigeria is far too multi-layered, too complex and unique – a truly fascinating country in a region of ever growing importance and relevance. It is because of these attributes, that I am particularly honoured to represent the Federal Republic of Germany here in Nigeria starting from August 2016. Together with my colleagues, I would like to invite you to regard the German Embassy as a service point for our German citizens and for all Nigerians interested in Germany. We work in a country which has always been an African giant, a vibrant and young country, rich in resources of all kinds, most importantly with wonderful people, but also rich in challenges and trials. The political, economic and cultural relations between Germany and Nigeria are longstanding, robust and reliable. That doesn’t mean our interests are identical at all times – they aren’t, and they shouldn’t have to be. Yet, to bring our interests together in a fair and mutual dialogue is one of the most important tasks of an embassy. And that is exactly what we aim to achieve with our work here in Nigeria.

Take our word for it!

Bernhard Schlagheck

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Abuja

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