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15.02.2018 - Article

Information on the individual section of the Embassy can be found here.

The political section

Absichtserklärung zur Eigentumsübertragungen von Benin-Bronzen
Annalena Baerbock (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), Außenministerin, und Lai Mohammed, Kulturminister von Nigeria, bei der Unterzeichnung einer Absichtserklärung für Eigentumsübertragungen wertvoller Benin-Bronzen.© dpa

German foreign policy is value-oriented and interest-driven. German foreign policy is committed to seizing the opportunities of globalization and minimizing its risks. The promotion of inalienable and universal human rights are an important part of this value-oriented foreign policy. German foreign policy is anchored in the EU and NATO.
The political department acts as a link between the Nigerian and German governments. In addition to preparing reciprocal visits, bilateral talks, managing projects and political negotiations, political reporting on Nigeria in particular is one of its main tasks. Bilateral relations with Nigeria are good and mutual exchange is  lively.

The economic section                                                                    

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The Foreign Office and its missions abroad is committed to improving conditions for the activities of the German business world. Among other things, it is involved in the negotiation of investment promotion and investment protection treaties as well as double taxation agreements and stands as a representative of the German Federal Government in international fora such as the WTO, OECD, UN and EU for trade and investment-friendly environment and equal opportunities for German companies. For the economic section of the German Embassy Abuja this means in concrete terms, to both promote German economic interests in Nigeria and to protect and promote investment in Germany as well as contribute to the further development of equitable and sustainable global economic cooperation. We see ourselves as a political companion, networker and facilitator.

Development Cooperation

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South of the Sahara in Africa around 1 billion people are currently living in 49 nations. In recent decades, many of these countries have become stable democracies; some have achieved an impressive economic growth. However, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow and peace processes are often still fragile. Therefore, a modern development cooperation with Africa is still indispensable. In Nigeria, the German development cooperation focuses primarily on the areas of “Sustainable Economic Development” and “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.” The office for economic cooperation monitors major initiatives politically and acts as a liaison between the governments of Germany and Nigeria. Moreover, the Embassy has a small scale fund with which localized projects of local NGOs can be supported in a fast and orderly manner.

Cultural and press section

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In addition to the political and economic relations, cultural relations and education policy is one of the three pillars of German foreign policy and one of its most sustainable instruments. Cultural and educational programs directly reach the people in our partner countries, thus laying a broad foundation for stable international relations. They also provide global confidence in Germany - our society, economy and politics gain important and reliable partners through these.   The cultural and press sections at the German Embassy Abuja, together with partners such as the Goethe Institute therefore, is devoted to the promotion of the German language and culture in Nigeria and the cultural exchanges between Nigeria and Germany. It is also responsible for the embassy's public relations and is the contact partner for journalists.                                                                                           

The Legal and Consular Section

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 is the Embassy's service point for German and foreign nationals when it comes to dealing with legal matters.
The Embassy handles many of the tasks that are performed in Germany, for example, by the registry offices or citizens' offices. These include the issuance of passports and identity cards, applications for birth, marriage and death certificates, notarizations and certifications. In addition, the Consular Section advises German nationals, who have their habitual residence in the Embassy's jurisdiction, on legal matters and provides consular assistance in case of emergency.

Part of the Legal and Consular Section is also the visa office. Here, travelers requiring visas can apply for their respective visas for travel to Germany. There is a separate regulation of responsibility for visa matters between the Embassy and the Consulate General Lagos.

More information can be found on the page of the Legal and Consular Section.

Refugees and Migration

The newly created section for refugees and migration deals with all aspects related to regional refugee and migration issues. This entails, on the one hand, the observation of and fight against illegal migration, on the other hand the section provides humanitarian assistance and support for internally displaced persons (IDPs). Furthermore, we have the possibility to oversee and support projects related to refugees and migration. The responsible desk officer, Friedrich Birgelen, is your point of contact at the embassy for governmental organization, non-governmental organizations and all other interested actors.                                                                                                    

Military Attaché Staff

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The Defense Attaché and his staff work as members of the German Armed Forces in Nigeria. In addition to Nigeria, they also work with the countries of Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Togo.

The defense attaché advises the ambassador on security and defense policy issues and on security policy developments in the region. He also coordinates cooperation between the Federal Ministry of Defense and the defense ministries of the aforementioned West African countries.

His mission includes:

  • Advising the Embassy's leadership on security and defense policy issues.
  • Informing the Federal Government on developments in the areas of security and defense policy in the abovementioned West African countries.
  • Informing Nigerian authorities and nongovernmental organizations about German security and defense policy, the Bundeswehr, and armaments issues.
  • Coordinating bilateral cooperation and training programs between the Bundeswehr and the armies of the countries in his area of responsibility. Particular mention should be made here of the Federal Government's Enhancement Initiative (EIBReg), through which numerous sustainable projects are being implemented to improve security in the region. 


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