Schengen Visa checklist

21.03.2023 - Article

All documents must be submitted in the following order as ORIGINALS and one set of PHOTOCOPIES

Required documents

The following documents must be submitted with every visa application:​​​​​​​

⬜ Completed and signed Schengen visa application form

⬜ Two recent passport photos (in colour, against a light background, standard size 35 x 45 mm)

⬜ NPC birth certificate (if born after 13th December 1992) / certified copy of the local birth register OR affidavit (“declaration of age” deposed to by one of the parents or the head of the family, if both parents are late)

⬜ Valid passport (issued within the last ten years and valid for at least another three months after the end of the journey), for previous journeys also the old passport(s)

⬜ For non-Nigerian nationals: Nigerian residence permit.

⬜ Prepaid courier envelope for the return of the passport

⬜ Health insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000€ and valid for the entire travel period and the entire Schengen area.

⬜ Flight reservation (return flight)

⬜ Proof of accommodation (e.g. hotel reservation)

⬜ If applicable, formal declaration of commitment pursuant to §§ 66 - 68 a AufenthG in the original or proof of own financing of the stay (no cash)

⬜ Up to date bank statements (preferably salary account) for the last three months - Only bank statements issued and stamped by the bank are accepted

⬜ If applicable, proof of land ownership or ownership certificate

⬜ If applicable, marriage certificate

⬜ If applicable, birth certificate(s) of minor child(ren)

⬜ If applicable, proof of employment from Nigeria (employment contract, introduction letter, holiday certificate, salary statement for the last three months, current salary account statement)

⬜ If applicable, COI / COR / Certificate of Incorporation / Registration of the company in Nigeria, MEMO / Memorandum and Articles of Association / Company and Allied Matters Act,

FIRS / Federal Inland Revenue Service Income Tax Clearance Certificate / Company Income Tax Clearance Certificate of recent years.

Family Visit

For a family visit, please complete your application with the following documents:

⬜ Informal invitation letter from host in Germany (the formal guarantor’s form does not replace the mandatory invitation letter from your host)

⬜ Proof of the family relationship to the inviting person (birth certificate, residence title or identity card of the relevant person in Germany)

Further documents (e.g. official registration for marriage, baptism certificate, pregnancy certificate), which prove the purpose of the journey.

Business visa

For a business visa, please supplement your application with the following documents:

⬜ If applicable, invitation from a company in Germany with a copy of the entry from the German commercial register.

⬜ If applicable, proof of the conference, workshop or training or previous business transactions

⬜ Up to date bank statement of the last three months of the company in Nigeria - Only bank statements issued and stamped by the bank will be accepted.

Visa for medical treatment

For a visa for medical treatment, please complete your application with the following documents:

⬜ Proof of sufficient health insurance cover in Germany.

⬜ Confirmation from the doctor from Germany that medical treatment will be carried out in Germany, confirmation of the date and the expected duration of treatment

⬜ Medical documents of the treating doctor from Nigeria

⬜ Proof that the costs for the treatment have already been paid.

For minors (children under 18 years of age)

For a visa of a minor, as a rule, both parents have to come to the minor’s appointment. Only if one parent is unable to come, we require a written and signed power of attorney from the parent unable to come in person.

If one or both parents are unavailable for clearly justified reasons to accompany the minor to the appointment, in exceptional cases the parents can issue a written power of attorney to a third adult person, allowing them to accompany their child and to apply for a visa in their stead. This person has to be able to identify himself or herself by showing their international passport, voter’s card, driver’s license or NIN slip (original and one copy).

The power of attorney may be written by yourself, but has to be signed by both parents. In addition, please add a copy of the parents’ passports.

In addition, please complete the application with the following documents:

⬜ If travelling without the custodial parents, a travel permit signed by both parents or the custodial parent and the applicant, as well as a copy of the passport of the parents or the custodial parent.

If applicable, death certificate of the parent.

If applicable, divorce decree of the parents.

⬜ Current school transcript or certificate of study with transcripts of the last two semesters

⬜ Application form signed by both parents.

The Embassy and the Consulate General reserve the right to request additional documents if necessary and to have their authenticity verified if necessary.

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