Family reunion visa checklist - Parents of a German child 

12.12.2022 - Article

All documents must be submitted in the original and with two sets of photocopies.

The originals will be returned after completion of the procedure.

⬜ Two fully completed application forms

Declaration pursuant to § 54 (2) no. 8 in conjunction with. § 53 of the Residence Act, completed and signed 

⬜ Two recent biometric passport photos (size 35 x 45mm) in front of a light background. 

⬜ A valid and signed passport (with at least six months of validity remaining, issued within the last 10 years and at least two blank pages).

⬜ Birth certificate/ certified copy of the local birth register extract or affidavit* (“Declaration of Age”) of a parent or the head of the family.

⬜ For non-Nigerian nationals: Nigerian residence permit

⬜ Other valid and already expired passports

⬜ Copies of the data page of the German child's passport

⬜ Copy of the passport of the other parent of the child

⬜ Two biometric passport photos of the German child

⬜ Birth certificate of the German child

⬜ Acknowledgement of paternity/declaration of custody for the German child, if available

⬜ Proof that a document verification has been carried out. If a document check has not yet been carried out, please submit the questionnaire for the document verification as well as all school reports, baptism certificates if applicable and other biographically older documents (voter's card, library card, vaccination certificate, etc.). 

Depending on the individual case, additional documents may be required. All costs associated with obtaining the necessary documents are to be borne by the applicant.

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