Family reunion visa checklist - Children

12.12.2022 - Article

If the minor child applies without a custodial parent(s), an adult accompanying person must appear with the child. The accompanying person must present a valid identification document and a power of attorney issued by the custodian(s) authorising them to apply for the visa. 

All documents must be submitted in the original and with two sets of photocopies.

The originals will be returned after completion of the procedure.

⬜ Two fully completed application forms

Declaration pursuant to § 54 (2) no. 8 in conjunction with. § 53 of the Residence Act, completed and signed 

⬜ Valid passport + copies of the data page and all pages with entry and exit stamps 

⬜ Other valid and already expired passports

⬜ Two copies of the data page of the passport of the parent living in Germany and, if applicable, two copies of the Nigerian entry and exit stamps from visits

⬜ If applicable: copies of the residence permit of the parent living in Germany. 

⬜ Two recent biometric passport photos (size 35 x 45mm) in front of a light background. One of these photos is to be affixed to the application form and one is to be attached loosely

⬜ Registration certificate of the parent living in Germany 

⬜ NPC birth certificate (if born after 13th December 1992) / certified copy of the local birth register OR affidavit (“declaration of age” deposed to by one of the parents or the head of the family, if both parents are late)

⬜ Declaration of consent (so-called “Affidavit of Consent”) of the parent remaining in Nigeria for the relocation of the child to Germany* (if not personally present at the time of application) 

⬜ If the whereabouts of the parent living in Nigeria are not known: Court decision according to which the parent living in Germany is entitled to sole custody (with a note that the child has been heard, as well as detailed information on the decision-making process, taking into account the best interests of the child) 

⬜ Informal written consent of the parent living in Germany for the child to join the child 

⬜ Fully completed questionnaire for the verification of documents

⬜ All school reports and kindergarten certificates 

⬜ Baptism certificate  

⬜ If the child has already reached the age of 16 and the parent living in Germany does not have German citizenship: Proof of German language skills at level C1, not older than one year. 

⬜ Up-to-date proof of residence of the parent living in Germany (Meldebescheinigung

⬜ If available: old photos of the child and the family 

⬜ Prepaid return envelope from one of the represented courier companies.

The following documents of at least one Nigerian parent must be provided (if the child is applying alone): 

⬜ Two copies of an identity document of the parent living in Nigeria. 

⬜ Marriage certificate and divorce decree of any previous marriages. 

⬜ Birth certificate/ certified copy of the local birth register extract or affidavit* (“Declaration of Age”) of one parent or head of family 

⬜ Affidavit* of a parent or the head of the family on the applicant's marital status (“Declaration of Spinsterhood/ Bachelorhood”). 

⬜ All school certificates, if applicable baptismal certificate and other biographically older documents (voter's card, library card, vaccination certificate etc.)

⬜ Two fully completed questionnaires for document verification.

*Iliteracy endorsement, if applicable.

Additional documents may be required depending on the individual case. All costs associated with obtaining the necessary documents are to be borne by the applicant.

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