Student visa checklist

13.10.2023 - Article

All documents must be submitted in the original and with two sets of photocopies.

The originals will be returned after the procedure has been completed.

Required documents

⬜ Two fully completed application forms

Declaration pursuant to § 54 (2) no. 8 in conjunction with. § 53 of the Residence Act, completed and signed

⬜ Two recent biometric passport photos (size 35 x 45mm) in front of a light background. One of these photos must be affixed to the application form and one must be attached loosely.

⬜ A valid and signed passport (with at least six months of validity remaining, issued within the last 10 years and at least two blank pages).

⬜ Other valid and already expired passports

⬜ NPC birth certificate (if born after 13th December 1992) / certified copy of the local birth register OR affidavit (“declaration of age” deposed to by one of the parents or the head of the family, if both parents are late)

⬜ For non-Nigerian nationals: Nigerian residence permit

⬜ Further valid and already expired passports

⬜ School reports from primary and secondary school / WAEC Certificate

⬜ If applicable, proof of further studies, internships, gainful employment up to the present time

⬜ If available, birth certificates of children and marriage certificate

Expired residence titles (if you have lived in Germany before)

⬜ A detailed computer-written curriculum vitae with information on your acquired diplomas, references and certificates

⬜ A computer-written and personally signed letter of motivation

⬜ Admission from a German university

⬜ If applicable, enrolment in the language course at the appropriate level

⬜ Proof of funding (blocked account with a minimum disposal sum of 934€/month for the first one year OR letter of commitment with credit rating “proven” i.e. Verpflichtungserklärung OR scholarship).

⬜ Prepaid return envelope from one of the represented courier companies.

Additional documents for minors (applicants under 18 years of age)

For a visa of a minor, as a rule, both parents have to come to the minor’s appointment. Only if one parent is unable to come, we require a written and signed power of attorney from the parent unable to come in person.

If both parents are unable to accompany the minor to the appointment, the parents can issue a written power of attorney to a third adult person, allowing them to accompany their child and to apply for a visa in their stead. This person has to be able to identify himself or herself by showing their international passport, voter’s card, driver’s license or NIN slip (original and one copy).

The power of attorney may be written by yourself, but has to be signed by both parents. In addition, please add a copy of the parents’ passports.

⬜ Parents' passports

⬜ A signed declaration of consent from both parents (in German or English), which permits
1. allows the applicant to travel to Germany to study
2. allow the applicant to withdraw money from the blocked account set up in Germany

⬜ If applicable, death certificate of parents

If applicable, divorce decree of the parents.

The Embassy and the Consulate General reserve the right to request further documents if necessary and to have their authenticity verified if necessary.

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